This page is here to help answer some common questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here feel free to send us an email, or contact us by phone.

  • Q: Does Go Glass charge extra for coming to Boulder City
    A: Absolutely not, we value our Boulder City residents
  • Q: Does Go Glass charge for estimates
    A: No estimates are always free for everyone, including Boulder city residents.
  • Q: Does Go Glass Inc. do auto glass
    A: No we do not install any auto glass
  • Q: are you open on the weekends
    A: no our business hours are Monday though Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Q: I have a dual pane window and only one side is broken do I need to replace both panes.
    A: Yes even though a dual pane window is two panes of glass they are sealed together.
  • Q: What is tempered safety glass, and why does it have to be in doors.
    A: It's the Law
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the glass and plastics industries, drafted a standard for safety glazing materials used in door and other applications. This was adopted in 1977 as a federal law and superseded existing codes or ordinances. Fully tempered glass and laminated glass comply with the provisions of the federal safety glazing law.
  • Q: Does Go Glass Inc. accept credit cards for payment
    A: Yes we accept Visa, Master card, and American Express